Dianne Carroll Burdick – June 2-August 1

An exquisite wedding of hand-colored photographs of the natural world and elegant haiku.

Selected hand colored photographs with accompanying haiku poetry from the book Listen the Landscape, is on display at the Dogwood Center Lobby Gallery through August 1.


Mirroring the human response to the natural world, this book is a rare synthesis of stunning landscape photography and understated haiku poetry. Dianne Carroll Burdick has photographed what she sees but expressed what she feels by hand-coloring her photographic images. LindaNemec Foster has followed the traditional form created by Japanese poets over five hundred years ago to pen elegant haiku.

Together the two explore edges — ocean meeting sand, lakes meeting grass, trees meeting sky. These landscapes of color and sound will usher you into quiet, meditative spaces where you can truly listen to yourself and the environment around you.