INSPIRE – Classes for Teens – February 15 – Art in Ink

Thursdays 3:45-5:15 p.m. Ages 12-18. Class Fee $10

These classes are funded in part by grants from
the FACF Youth Advisory Committee and Michigan Council for
Arts and Cultural Affairs Minigrant Program.
These exciting and exploratory art classes are designed
to give middle and high school students a chance to
learn about art styles and mediums they may not get in a
classroom. All materials provided. January 11 & 18 Glass
Mosaic requires students attend both days.
January 11 & 18 – Glass Mosaic Treasure Box
Using stained glass on tile, students will create a unique
box top mosaic. We’ll take a look at the Italian masters,
and learn to cut, piece and grout glass designs. Day one is
cutting and applying glass; day two is all about grouting.
February 1 – Breaking Down the Human Face
This crash course drawing workshop involves learning to
sketch correct proportions, find the visual planes, shade
and detail all the elements of the human head.
February 15 – Art in Ink
Explore the many ways to use ink…from India Ink,
to vibrant colored inks, to home made walnut inks to
illustrate, draw, or paint a work of art.
March 1 – Japanese Kawaii Polymer Clay Charms
Kawaii: “lovable”, “cute”, or “adorable” – is the quality of
cuteness in the context of Japanese culture. Use polymer
clay sculpting techniques to create Kawaii Neko cats, or
similar figures/pendants in this fun sculpture class.
March 15 – Basketry Knots/Cane Wrapped Rocks
Many cultures use the art of knot tying and basketry to
create functional art forms or to adorn items. Students
will each weave a basketry knot pattern using cane
around a smoothed Michigan stone.

Exploring Printmaking with Andrew Jagniecki

Saturday 10:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.

April 18

Ages 14-Adult

If you have never explored the art of printmaking then this is the perfect opportunity. Andrew’s focus as a printmaker is capturing scenes from the natural environment. Join him in learning about the art of linoleum printmaking. In this class students will learn to compose a strong design, transfer the image to linoleum, use carving tools, and then apply ink to create a series of reduction prints that could be framed or become unique greeting cards. Printmaking is an exciting art form that has broad appeal. Pick up a design guide sheet at the NCCA-Artsplace in preparation for the class. Bring a lunch.