NCCA-Artsplace Exhibit: Stroschin 3

February 3 through 28
Stroschins 3 – Jane, Lauren and Brian Stroschin
Reception: February 3, 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Jansma Gallery at NCCA-Artsplace,
13 E. Main St., Fremont.

Jane, Lauren, and Brian Stroschin are excited to present “Stroschins 3.” As Jane has known she wanted to be an artist since the age of four, she included her passion and talent for art and creativity in raising her children. The house was always filled with paints, brushes, pencils, clay, picture books, and art history books. Now that Lauren and Brian have added their own style and experiences to their art, and Jane’s direction and talent has continued to grow and evolve; the three of us are proud to exhibit our individual styles together.

Brian’s abstract compositions and characters inspire the viewer’s creative interpretations. Lauren’s photos beautifully capture her worldwide explorations and deep respect for our natural world. As an award winning photographer and painter, Jane’s paintings of abstract background and high realism subject matter will stimulate both your creativity and appreciation of the grace of nature. We hope you will enjoy this unique family’s three styles of artistic expression.

Exhibit: January 6 through February 1 Recent Works by Tim Motley

January 6 through February 1
Recent Works by Tim Motley
Thursday, January 26:
Annual Meeting 5:30 p.m.
Public Reception 6:00-7:30 p.m.
Jansma Gallery at NCCA-Artsplace,
13 E. Main St., Fremont.

Tim Motley has worked as a professional photographer for 36 years, shooting fashion, weddings and many types of commercial work – always shooting for the client. This project is for himself. He has spent the past three years developing an abstract style. The images you see are as they were shot in the camera. Although they are digital, they have not been digitally manipulated. The only adjustments made to the images are those Tim would have made in a traditional darkroom.

This collection of figurative and portrait work captures a stunning emotive quality, a sense of time, and powerful movements using soft, and blurred subjects, reflect the emotions and chaos Tim sees around himself every day.

Be sure to stop in, meet Tim, and experience for the first time, a skilled photographer’s presentation of a body of work that reflects his artistic passions.

Dogwood Center Exhibit: Native Visions – Larry Gouine

Dogwood Center
Lobby Gallery:
Larry Gouine: Native Visions
November 1 through January 7

Local artist Larry Gouine is exhibiting a collection of dramatic photographs that give us a view of the daily life and cultural traditions of Native American community members. From the milestones of life, to the elaborate preparations and celebration of traditional dance and music, Larry has brought vivid colorful images and powerful monochromatic portraits to share his beautiful culture with us.

smoke_signalsThis exhibit is timed to collaborate with Muskegon Community College’s Inaugural Native American Heritage Month Celebration, the film Smoke Signals will be shown at the Dogwood Center Black Box in Fremont on Saturday, November 5 at 2:00 p.m. Smoke Signals was directed by Chris Eyre; the screen play was written by Sherman Alexie. Free admission, rated PG-13.

Photography: Nature of A Trout Stream with Kevin Feenstra

6:00-8:00 p.m.

September 6

Class Fee: $55 ($50 Members)

Ages 14-Adult

The first half of the class time students will discuss the
biodiversity of the trout stream, approaching different
subject matter and how to frame each one using
Kevin’s slides as examples. Long lenses, landscape
photography, macro photography, and underwater gear
will also be discussed. Kevin will bring his camera gear
and lenses, as well as a basic underwater rig for the
students to familiarize with on location at Branstrom
Park in the second half of the class. A great combination
of classroom and hands on photographic experience!

Seeking Submissions for NCCA-Artsplace Exhibit: Art of Fishing

Looking for artisans who tie, carve, paint, etc. decoys, mounts, flies, lures, make nets, rods, anything related to fishing. Also instructors/speakers. The main goal of this exhibition is to spotlight all of the different traditional craft, modern technique and also fine art related to the sport of fishing and also promote good stewardship and conservation of Michigan fisheries and natural resources.

The exhibit will be on display at NCCA-Artsplace, 13 E. Main, Fremont, July 13 through August 15. I’m also looking for artists/photographers who use fish and their environments as their subject in painting, drawing and photography. I would need all work turned in to NCCA-Artsplace by July 8. Interested artists/craftsmen should contact me by June 15 to be included in the Newaygo County Arts & Culture Connections Magazine promotional materials.

All of the artwork/lures/etc included in this exhibition can be for display only, or if artists wish, items can also be for sale at our regular 30% consignment rate. If you are interested or have recommendations for consideration, please contact me! Photographs, descriptions of work, links etc can be sent to my email for consideration of your work.Fishies Paul

Lindsay Isenhart
Curator/Program Coordinator
Newaygo County Council for the Arts
13 E. Main Street
Fremont, MI 49412

NCCA-Artsplace Statewide Photography Competition

May 5 through June 4
NCCA Statewide Photography Competition

Reception and Awards May 7,
10:00 a.m. – Noon

Jansma Gallery at NCCA-Artsplace, 13 E. Main St., Fremont. 231-924-4022. Our goal is to exhibit and acknowledge the finest photographers in the State of Michigan and encourage greater growth and achievement in the photographic community. This is a juried competition. Selected works are on exhibit and among them will be the honor of 1st, 2nd, 3rd place and honorable mentions receiving ribbons and cash awards.

2016 Photo competition winners

And the winners of the 2016 NCCA Statewide Photography Competition are…

1st Place – Paul Petersen for “From Above”

2nd Place – Judi Luptak for “Rocky”

3rd Place – David Toombs for “Whirling Dervish”

Honorable Mention – Lisa Medendorp for “Cursed”

Honorable Mention – Mark Andrews for “Rocket 88 Cuba”

2016 Juror Stacy Niedzweicki

In addition to graphic design and layout, Stacy leverages her freelancing talents in digital photography. Her fascination with nature’s beauty has found its way through the camera lens, earning awards in many art and photography competitions. Her work has been featured in the Michigan 24/7 photography book, Whisper in the Woods Nature Journal, Michigan Blue, Michigan History and Tasters Guild Journal magazines. She supplies images for the Muskegon & White Lake CVBs, Rockford Chamber of Commerce and the Explore St. Louis Official Visitors’ Guide, and won 2nd place in the Pure Michigan Photo Competition. Stacy’s artworks have been exhibited at the Governor’s Residence in Lansing, Michigan, Lansing Community College’s “The Great State of Michigan” Collection and a permanent installation at the Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion.

Photographers accepted into the juried exhibition this year are Mark Andrews, Randy Butters, Dianne Carroll-Burdick, Katie Day-Schirmer, Ron Dibble, Henry L. Droski, Colleen Hall, Gail Howarth, Lisa Jahr, Edward R. Klemp, Chris Kuebler, Judi Luptak, Carl Luther, Lisa Medendorp, John Patterson, Paul Petersen, David Sauer, Don Spezia, Jane Stroschin, Cari Taylor, David Toombs, and Diane Zoellmer.

Cara O’Brien and Diane Zoellmer – In Between Here and Gone

January 6 through February 6

Cara O’Brien and Diane Zoellmer
In Between Here and Gone
Thursday, January 28:
Annual Meeting 5:30
Public Reception 6-7:30 p.m.

OBrien, Image 5, Extending, 17x12x5, Porcelain, wood, and waxIn Between Here and Gone creates a powerful visual editorial on the beauty found in all cycles of nature.
Cara O’Brien’s recent sculptural work is strongly influenced by organic forms produced through the growth, erosions and decay of the natural world, while Diane’s stunning visual documentation of that same cycle through photography.

OBrien, Image 8, Scuttle II, 6x16x5, Driftwood and PorcelainCara O’Brien is a West Michigan artist hailing from Fremont, and is now a
Whitehall resident. Cara is a full time artist producing sculpture primarily in porcelain, wood and metal.

Zoellmer, Image 2, Ice CurtainDiane Zoellmer lives in Whitehall and is exploring her passion for
photography after retiring as an educator in the technology field.
The photos in this exhibit all address natural formations, created from the sand,wind,water,and sun along the Lake Michigan shoreline.



Richard Hinton Beauty Amongst Chaos

October 7 through November 14
Richard Hinton
Beauty Amongst Chaos

Hinton2wJansma Gallery at NCCA-Artsplace, 13 E. Main St., Fremont.
We live in two worlds. Our everyday world where we mow our grass, tend to our cars and go to work. The other world is the world of things we leave behind. Cars and trucks in the field. A barn silo or an old farm house. Signs for businesses that don’t exist anymore. In extreme cases like Detroit, whole buildings are left to be ravaged by time, nature and man. Once housing schools, churches and factories that were a mainstay of the American economy and symbols of our culture, they now sit empty. Their roofs sag. Their floors are upheaved. Their walls have been covered in graffiti. Yet as those once proud monuments sit waiting for demolition, or rebirth, one can find beauty amongst the chaos. These images are at once sad, nostalgic and hauntingly beautiful.

hinton4wRichard Hinton is a photographer from the Fremont area. His active involvement in area photo clubs, efforts in organizing photographic adventures among peers, participation in various photography competitions and volunteer time with NCCA-Artsplace show just how important the arts, specifically photography, are to him. That passion for this art form comes through in these sentimental, beautiful and powerful images.

Richard Hinton – Imbued Images

Dianne Carroll Burdick – June 2-August 1

An exquisite wedding of hand-colored photographs of the natural world and elegant haiku.

Selected hand colored photographs with accompanying haiku poetry from the book Listen the Landscape, is on display at the Dogwood Center Lobby Gallery through August 1.


Mirroring the human response to the natural world, this book is a rare synthesis of stunning landscape photography and understated haiku poetry. Dianne Carroll Burdick has photographed what she sees but expressed what she feels by hand-coloring her photographic images. LindaNemec Foster has followed the traditional form created by Japanese poets over five hundred years ago to pen elegant haiku.

Together the two explore edges — ocean meeting sand, lakes meeting grass, trees meeting sky. These landscapes of color and sound will usher you into quiet, meditative spaces where you can truly listen to yourself and the environment around you.

2015 Statewide Photography Competition Exhibition

Now through June 13
NCCA Statewide Photography Competition

Jansma Gallery at NCCA-Artsplace, 13 E. Main St., Fremont. 231-924-4022. Our goal is to exhibit and acknowledge the finest photographers in the State of Michigan and encourage greater growth and achievement in the photographic community. This is a juried competition. Selected works are on exhibit and among them will be the honor of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and honorable mentions receiving ribbons and cash awards.

2015 Juror Brian Kainulainen is a professional landscape photographer. Although photography is his primary medium, Kainulainen has also received a Bachelor of Fine Art in Painting and Graphic Design and worked several years as a Graphic Artist, which has added a certain artistic quality to his work.


Juror’s Statement:
“Jurying this show was an honor and a pleasure…and slightly nerve-racking. It’s  always nice to see how other photographers view the world and the different processes they choose to communicate their vision. There was a nice range of work submitted and I was impressed with the quality of work achieved. This did not make the already unpleasant task of eliminating certain works any easier. And it added an extra challenge in choosing the awards.
I believe great photography is technically sound, visually compelling,  and moves us in some way. As I looked at each work I asked myself several questions: Is the composition strong/compelling? What is the quality of the light and how did the photographer use it? Does the work have visual or emotional impact? What is the image about or is the photographer’s intent with the image clear? And what is the quality of the overall presentation of the image (framing, matting, wrapping)?
I believe the chosen works succeeded in several  of these areas and the awarded works had all of these elements going for them. These works were the ones that really stood out to me because of their technical excellence, their beautiful marriage of form and content, and their overall impact.
I enjoyed the jury process, though it was not easy, and I tried to be fair in my choices to present a high quality, diverse show. I want to congratulate those photographers that were admitted into the show and received awards. I want to encourage those who were not accepted to continue to believe in their work. The jury process can be unkind, but I am just one man and can guarantee that I am not all-knowing. As artists I believe subjecting our work to scrutiny by others can be painful, but can, also, be very rewarding and help us grow into better image makers in the end.”
-Brian Kainulainen


Photographers receiving honors are:

1st place, Jim Churchill for “Autumn Splendor”
2nd place, Donald Leigh Karel for “The Gathering”
3rd place, Frederic A. Reinecke for ” Ice Texture”
Honorable Mention, Richard Hinton for “Rusted Floor”
Honorable Mention, Gail Howart for “Larry”


Photographers accepted into the juried exhibition this year are:

Kenzie Burt
Joe Bushman
Randy Butters
Dianne Carroll Burdick
Jim Churchill
Robert C. Day
Ron Dibble
Katie Day-Schirmer
W. Christian Kuebler
Tom Gammans
Linda Greer
Kellie Hetler
Richard Hinton
Gail Howarth
Donald Leigh Karel
Barb Lowry
Judi Luptak
Carl Luther
Leanne McGann
Lisa Medendorp
Frederic A. Reinecke
David Sauer
Jane Stroschin
Piotr Wosilewski