Richard Hinton Beauty Amongst Chaos

October 7 through November 14
Richard Hinton
Beauty Amongst Chaos

Hinton2wJansma Gallery at NCCA-Artsplace, 13 E. Main St., Fremont.
We live in two worlds. Our everyday world where we mow our grass, tend to our cars and go to work. The other world is the world of things we leave behind. Cars and trucks in the field. A barn silo or an old farm house. Signs for businesses that don’t exist anymore. In extreme cases like Detroit, whole buildings are left to be ravaged by time, nature and man. Once housing schools, churches and factories that were a mainstay of the American economy and symbols of our culture, they now sit empty. Their roofs sag. Their floors are upheaved. Their walls have been covered in graffiti. Yet as those once proud monuments sit waiting for demolition, or rebirth, one can find beauty amongst the chaos. These images are at once sad, nostalgic and hauntingly beautiful.

hinton4wRichard Hinton is a photographer from the Fremont area. His active involvement in area photo clubs, efforts in organizing photographic adventures among peers, participation in various photography competitions and volunteer time with NCCA-Artsplace show just how important the arts, specifically photography, are to him. That passion for this art form comes through in these sentimental, beautiful and powerful images.

Richard Hinton – Imbued Images