NCCA-Artsplace Exhibit: Stroschin 3

February 3 through 28
Stroschins 3 – Jane, Lauren and Brian Stroschin
Reception: February 3, 5:30-7:00 p.m.
Jansma Gallery at NCCA-Artsplace,
13 E. Main St., Fremont.

Jane, Lauren, and Brian Stroschin are excited to present “Stroschins 3.” As Jane has known she wanted to be an artist since the age of four, she included her passion and talent for art and creativity in raising her children. The house was always filled with paints, brushes, pencils, clay, picture books, and art history books. Now that Lauren and Brian have added their own style and experiences to their art, and Jane’s direction and talent has continued to grow and evolve; the three of us are proud to exhibit our individual styles together.

Brian’s abstract compositions and characters inspire the viewer’s creative interpretations. Lauren’s photos beautifully capture her worldwide explorations and deep respect for our natural world. As an award winning photographer and painter, Jane’s paintings of abstract background and high realism subject matter will stimulate both your creativity and appreciation of the grace of nature. We hope you will enjoy this unique family’s three styles of artistic expression.