Ruth Bolles

Artist Ruth Bolles re-interprets traditional stained glass for current times and needs. She works with the over-looked traditional form to show its true color by bringing new light and inspiration to an art form often thought of as “old fashioned”.

“I find inspiration everywhere – a morning walk, listening to the water run over the rocks in my pond, watching the branches of the trees move in the wind. Often I am inspired by the shapes and colors I see in a piece of glass. Glass has a dual personality – one when the light shines through it and one when you just look at the surface. I often set a piece of glass in the window of my studio so I can watch it for a while before I will do anything with it. I enjoy working with color and light.” Although Ruth creates traditional and non-traditional compositions, she prefers the organic flowing lines she witnesses in nature and in the glass. Her art is a playful exploration of nature. Ruth’s style emerges as these influences combine with her sense of intuition and self. The subject matter does not restrict itself to the two-dimensional world; we also see it flowing over into the three-dimensional world and into her creations incorporating reclaimed wine bottles which become hanging lanterns, candle shelters, and wall sconces.

“The desire to create has always been a part of who I am. I can’t remember a time in my life that I wasn’t creating some kind of art.” Ruth worked as a graphic designer for over 30 years and has been a stained glass artist for the past 15 years but has recently been focusing only on the art of stained glass for a career. She sells her work through her business “Fragments of My Imagination” at art shows around the country. She also does commissioned pieces for clients.

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