NCCA-Artsplace Exhibit: Michigan Artist Blacksmith Association

Exhibit: Michigan Artist Blacksmith Association –┬áMarch 30 – May 2

Jansma Gallery at
13 E. Main St., Fremont,

Blacksmithing has been a profession since man discovered iron and needed people to manipulate it into useful items for the times such as weapons, household goods, tools and decorations. The Industrial Revolution (the age of machines) saw an end of the era when every community had a blacksmith. Renewed interest in lost arts and a desire for more one-of-a-kind, handmade items has caused a resurgence in the art of blacksmithing.

Tim Carr along with other members of the Michigan Artist Blacksmith Association will be featured in this exhibition of the finished wrought iron artwork, tools and process of the art of blacksmithing.