ORVIS Fly Tying 101

Thursday 6:00-9:00 p.m.

August 11

Free, Pre-registration Required

Ages 14-Adult

You’ve always wanted to learn to tie your own flies but just
couldn’t find the time. Now you can get a free two-hour
introductory lesson with expert instruction and all tools
/ materials provided. Fly tying requires no special skills,
anyone can learn it, and with a few hours of practice each
week you’ll be cranking out terrific flies by spring. Tying
your own flies adds so much to the fun of fly fishing and
adds a whole new dimension to the experience. To help
you on your way, students in our free class are entitled
to a special discount on tools, materials, and fly-tying kits
during the class. Sponsored by Orvis® Grand Rapids.
Class is limited to 8 students.